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"Girl! What is this magic cream you have given me? Been using it a week now & Loving it! I love how little you use but so much goodness!" - Varsha

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"I’ve been using your shampoo bar for two months now and my hair has improved so much! My hair has thickened, grown and has become silky."

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Ayurvedic Loose leaf herbal tea

"I like to think of my tea as my daily multi-vitamins. I have at least 2 pots a day & my health has never been better maintained!"

Ayurvedic Artisanal Tea Bar

"When there is balance in the body, you will experience equanimity & an incredible level of 'aliveness' & health."

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7 Chakra Oil Perfume & Crystal Set

Regular price R 700.00 Sale price R 590.00
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Chakra Energizing Gift Set

Regular price R 310.00 Sale price R 270.00
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Anti-aging Glow Kit

Regular price R 870.00 Sale price R 750.00
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Evil Eye Bracelet

Regular price R 100.00
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Hand-made Tibetan Singing Bowl

Regular price R 1,000.00
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