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Our Philosophy...


More than simply a line of products. It is a way of thinking.

The Urban Geisha is built on the ideology that everything is energy &, therefore, everything is connected. The Urban Geisha Interior Design & Organic Skincare Studio curates, designs & handcrafts spaces, skincare and holistic wellness & lifestyle products inspired by the ancient sciences of Ayurveda & Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Inspired by ancient plant wisdom of the east, these sciences are renowned systems of holistic healing, well-being & balancing of the mind, body & soul. With a deep understanding of energy flow within our bodies, & that of the natural world, Ayurveda & TCM infuses botanical energy into our lifestyle to balance & realign our natural systems.


"These botanicals are not only for the sickly, it is for those who want to feel absolute 'aliveness' within their body, mind & soul. If we still lived in nature, this would be a part of our daily lifestyle & diet."


The purpose behind each piece is to provide products of meaning, healing & beauty, that elevates your being on a multidimensional & holistic level.