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Hand-made Tibetan Singing Bowl
Hand-made Tibetan Singing Bowl

Hand-made Tibetan Singing Bowl

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Sounds of Goddesses & Angels...

Hand beaten Tibetan singing bowls made from copper, zinc, iron, silver, gold & nickel.

The way that sacred instruments & sound healing works is based on the principle of entrainment, which is the synchronization of two or more oscillating systems. When two or more systems are in close proximity, they can synchronize their vibrations. In a sound journey, the vibrations from the instruments can entrain the brainwaves of the participants, activating your alpha theta brainwaves, leading to a deep, meditative state.

Benefits include:

- Deep relaxation

- Stress reduction

- Improved quality of sleep

- The meditative state induced can increase mindfulness of one's thoughts, feelings, and sensations.

- The vibrations can help release stuck emotions, allowing for greater emotional expression and release.

- Helps unlock creativity and inspiration, allowing for greater self-expression and artistic expression.