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"In Japanese design, the interior melts into the garden of the outside world."

Let's take a moment to go on a visual journey together...

It's dusk in the beautiful city of Kyoto, Japan. The cool spring breeze saunters through your mountain cabin, conducting the scented candles and incense in a dance of glorious aroma. You take a deep breath in...and out.

You slide open the bamboo screen doors to reveal the majestic Japanese garden. Pebble paths, crystal clear ponds, lush green bamboo and cherry blossoms radiate zen vibrations through your soul.

"If only I could stay here forever.", you sigh.

Japanese design couples both aesthetic and zen philosophical ideas. Simple design, also described as Minimalism, celebrates the vision that clutter smothers and simplicity breathes. By integrating natural materials and textures into your space, you begin to satisfy the human need for nature, offering your being peace, spiritual sustenance and balance.

You're not a fan of nature or the outdoors? Hear me out. 

We live in an advanced world in fast paced cities which blocks us from regularly stopping to smell the roses. Literally. Each and every one of us, no matter what colour, shape or size, can be traced back to a tribal ancestry line. We are descendants of people who once lived, breathed and worshiped Mother Nature and all of her glory. Food, clothing, shelter, medicines and spirituality; we were once in a perfectly harmonious relationship with nature.

It is understandable why we so often feel off balance in our big city lives.

My name is Kiara and I am the designer and voice behind The Urban Geisha. My journey with Interior Design began because I truly believe that the design of an interior can directly impact how we feel and function in our everyday lives. We have all experienced being in spaces of balance and beauty. Where the very placement of pieces and design of the space leaves you feeling wonderfully at peace and inspired.

The Urban Geisha is more than simply a line of products. It is a way of thinking. We design and handcraft decor, beauty & lifestyle products inspired by Japanese design philosophy, minimalism & wellness. Your personal space should not only express your personality, but also inspire you to be your most authentic self as you begin and end each day of your life. The purpose behind the brand is to provide products of meaning and beauty, that inspire you on a multidimensional & holistic level.

When I was growing up and we would road trip around the country, or even just drive around our hometown, my parents would always stop when they saw local craftsmen selling their work at markets or even on the side of the road. Our home was decorated with beautiful African art that was handcrafted by these incredibly talented women and men. The essence behind The Urban Geisha is to grow others whilst we grow ourselves. Opportunities in the design & craft industry can be very scarce and that can dampen any artist's spirit. We manufacture our products with the invaluable help of local craftsmen and craftswomen who are incredibly talented but just don't have the platform to grow their businesses. Our aim is to empower artists and designers to continue pursuing their passions and to provide opportunities for them to grow their businesses. 

"Human Beings are given two hands. One for helping yourself & the other for helping others."

This is our story and we welcome you to The Urban Geisha family. We look so forward to sharing the rest of our journey with you as it unfolds. I will be using this blog to inform you about our products, the inspiration behind them and why we think you would fall in love with them! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date with new product releases, promotions and giveaways!

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