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Definition: Relating to, or characteristic of humankind.
Definition: The nature or essence of a person.

"We are not human beings in search of a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings immersed in a human experience."


Endless lists of tasks to complete and people to take care of? How many times do you place yourself at the top of those lists? I know, "There's too much to do and not enough time!". But hey, as long as I am fit and healthy, the show must go on!

Being 'human' is what we are. Our physical body and intellectual mind carries out tasks and activities on a daily basis to achieve goals and progress through life. It is connecting to the 'being' that proves to be unfamiliar to most of us. If the 'being' is the nature and essence of who we are, then how can it be unfamiliar to us?

Human beings are extremely complex and advanced creatures. We are made up of more than just our physical body and intellect. Living in a world where ego is dominant, we fail to recognize the other vital factors that affect our overall well-being. Most ancient cultures emphasized a connection between our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energies and recognized that each composed a part of the whole being. When we neglect any one of these components, the effects manifest in the other energy levels. Think of a time when you may have been emotionally depleted and how that echoed into your physical, mental and spiritual capabilities. Or even a moment of intense mental stress, and how that can manifest into an emotional response such as aggression, physical ailments or a complete disconnect to meditation and prayer.

When something doesn't feel right within us, we seldom put two-and-two together and heal ourselves holistically. We take medication, suppress our emotions or bury ourselves in work or family to convince ourselves that the problem is fixed. So I'll ask you again, how often do you prioritize self-care in your life of dependents and to-do lists?

Regard for one's own well-being & happiness.

The essence behind our bath bombs was inspired by an ancient practice known as spiritual or ritual bathing. This healing practice has been used throughout history in Asian, Egyptian, Grecian, African and Native American cultures. Water is a primary source of energy and using it's vibrational power, infused with healing plant and flower essences, it is said to be physically and spiritually cleansing.

The Urban Geisha welcomes you to The Self-Love Club! Taking a well deserved time out to still your mind, relax your body & introspect is essential in maintaining balance in our everyday lives. Doing all that is easier said than done when life is on the other side of the bathroom door. That is why we believe that ambiance is the main ingredient to the best self-love potion. Each one of our bath bombs are specially designed & handcrafted to take you on a journey best suited to your mood.

The intention behind our bath bombs is to soothe the physical state, calm the mental state, uplift the emotional state and reconnect with the spiritual state, simply by transporting you to the divine and mystic landscape of your subconscious. Decadent oils along with hypnotic colours, scents & shimmers, will transport you to a realm of blissful solitude. Allowing you to slip off into your subconscious and reconnect with your 'being'.

Share the geisha magic this festive season by gifting your loved ones with our delectable bath bombs. Handcrafted using only natural ingredients and safe synthetics, our products are gentle and nourishing on all skin types. Shop our limited edition Christmas flavours as well as our opening range now!

Happy Holidays from The Urban Geisha!