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Tiger's Eye Worry Stone
Tiger's Eye Worry Stone

Tiger's Eye Worry Stone

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The stone of Protection, Courage & Grounding..."

Worry stones, also known as palm stones or thumb stones, are smooth stones cut into an oval shape with an indentation on one side. The indentation is for thumb rubbing to bring relief when stressed or to bring peace and calm during meditation.

Gold Tigers eye brings balance, provides strength and stamina and enhances intellect.

Tiger's Eye Purpose & Powers:

  • Tiger's Eye transmits energies of protection, good luck & willpower 
  • It has the power to focus the mind, providing mental clarity & assisting to solve problems 
  • Powerful for dispelling fears & anxiety, connecting one to their personal power 
  • Imbues us with willpower, courage, purpose & self-confidence
  • Provides one with grounding energy, enhancing stability

Planet: Sun / Mars
Zodiac sign: Capricorn / Leo 

Element: Fire / Earth
Chakra: Sacral / Solar Plexus