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Rose Quartz Polished Tumble - Large
Rose Quartz Polished Tumble - Large

Rose Quartz Polished Tumble - Large

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The stone of Love..."

Rose Quartz exudes a restful, cooling energy, which brings balance, love and wisdom. These beautiful Rose Quartz points are flat cut at the base for easy freestanding. The neck of the point is left naturally rough, while the point is cut and polished. Each point is approximately 60mm high.

Rose Quartz Purpose & Powers:

  • Rose Quartz transmits energies of compassion, harmony, peace & healing
  • It can transform lower negative emotions, such as anger, into energies of love
  • It can provide emotional healing from pain, fears, resentment & stress
  • Gives the ability to see goodness in oneself & others
  • Provides a deep sense of personal fulfillment, contentment & love
  • Attracts love, intimacy & creates closer bonds with family & friends
  • Increases harmony & peace in the environment

Planet: Earth
Zodiac sign: Libra/Taurus

Element: Water 
Chakra: Heart