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Rose Quartz Crystal Facial Roller

Rose Quartz Crystal Facial Roller

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"The stone of Love..."

These Facial Rollers are made with genuine gemstones! Massaging the stone against the skin supports lymphatic drainage to reduce the appearance of puffiness and wrinkles. Furthermore, it helps your skin absorb all your lovely skincare ingredients, releases muscle tension & improves your skin's elasticity!

Rose Quartz Purpose & Powers:

  • Rose Quartz transmits energies of compassion, harmony, peace & healing
  • It can transform lower negative emotions, such as anger, into energies of love
  • It can provide emotional healing from pain, fears, resentment & stress
  • Gives the ability to see goodness in oneself & others
  • Provides a deep sense of personal fulfillment, contentment & love
  • Attracts love, intimacy & creates closer bonds with family & friends
  • Increases harmony & peace in the environment

Planet: Earth
Zodiac sign: Libra/Taurus
Chakra: Heart


Approx. Weight: 0.105kg
Approx. Dimensions: 17x6,5x2cm