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REVIVE Floral Facial Steam
REVIVE Floral Facial Steam
REVIVE Floral Facial Steam

REVIVE Floral Facial Steam

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Let your skin breathe in...& out.

Using herbs and flowers in steam treatments will soften the water and add vitamins to replenish tired skin. Steaming opens the pores on your face and prepares the skin for further treatments. It also boosts exfoliation post steam! Steaming treatments not only improve your skin condition, but also provide sinus-relief & uplift your mood.

Revive Floral Facial Steam blend is curated with age-correcting & collagen stimulating botanicals. A blend designed to tone & revive your youthful glow. Rose, Hibiscus & Rosehips drizzled with a frankincense & neroli essential oil blend.

Directions: Add 1 tablespoon of Revive Floral Facial Steam  to a bowl of boiling water. Place a towel over your head and lean your face over the bowl, not allowing any steam to escape. Steam your face for 2 minutes before taking a break. Repeat this process 5-6 times, 3-4 times for sensitive skin.

Weekly Steam Benefits:

Get Glowy. Boosts circulation and leaves skin clear and refreshed.
Unclogs Pores. The warmth from the steam helps loosen pores so dirt can come out.
Oxygenates Skin. Revives tired skin.
Improves Circulation. The heat encourages blood vessels to dilate which keeps blood flowing freely.
Calms Nerves. Breathing in aromatic herbs skin helps to sooth frayed nerves, promotes relaxation and reduces stress.


To maximize the benefits follow up your steam with one of our plant-based Superfood Clay Masks!