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RADIATE Floral Milk Tub Tea
RADIATE Floral Milk Tub Tea

RADIATE Floral Milk Tub Tea

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Bathe in milk & flowers...

There really is nothing like Mother Nature's magical brew to keep your skin glowing, supple & agelessly beautiful. The Urban Geisha handcrafts a delectable floral milk tea blend consisting of ground flowers, minerals, plant-based superfoods & skin-loving botanical oils.

Our  Radiate Floral Milk Tub Tea blend is curated to boost & uplift both your skin, and your mood! A hydrating & nourishing floral blend complimented with an uplifting & stress-relieving essential oil blend.

This blend is hydrating on the skin & body with flowers such as rose, calendula & hibiscus to nourish & brighten your skin's complexion. Epsom salt & mustard powder will ease any body pains & muscle stiffness, clay to draw out toxins from your body and skin-polishing oat flour, rice milk powder & besan will exfoliate, soften & even your skin tone. Drizzled with an oil blend of coconut, bergamot, gardenia & rose geranium to hydrate & ignite your inner glow!

Directions: Add 3-4 spoons of Radiate Floral Milk Tub Tea into the fabric tea bag or directly into your bath water & allow to steep while you are soaking. For extra exfoliation add a few spoons of the floral milk tea blend to the tea bag & use the tea bag to exfoliate your skin. It will coat your skin like a mask for your whole body!