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Labradorite Palm Stone
Labradorite Palm Stone
Labradorite Palm Stone
Labradorite Palm Stone
Labradorite Palm Stone

Labradorite Palm Stone

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"The stone of transformation & inner magic..."


Linked to the glimmering gold and green lights of the Aurora Borealis, the Labradorite stone is as mystical as its iridescent changing colors suggest. Born from the storms of the Northern Lights and found in Canada’s Labrador region, the healing properties of this healing crystal are all about tapping into your own wonderful well of creativity and connecting with the higher consciousness...

Just like the Northern Lights that illuminate the winter skies of the hard north, Labradorite doesn’t shy away from beauty, grace, mysticism & great healing powers. While sometimes the world can strip us of our much-needed energy and precious resources, Labradorite teaches us how to bring life-giving energy to all areas of our souls – from the body to the mind and those hard to reach corners which keep us all in balance. It’s a stone that shows the way to self-soothing, artistic ambition, cosmic energy, and enhancing our own mental clarity.

Properties & Meaning:

  • Stone of inner magic & creative expression
  • Helps trigger new ideas which lead to transformation
  • Encourages new adventures & assists in understanding your own destiny
  • Protects against & removes negative & unwanted energies from the outside world
  • Seen as an amulet against negativity
  • Stimulates your consciousness, strengthens your intuition, confidence & perseverance and reduces anxiety
  • Helps purify your energy & connects you with light energy

Planets: Uranus, Moon

Zodiac: Leo, Scorpio & Sagittarius 

Elements: Water & Air

Chakras: Throat, Third Eye & Crown