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Green Moonstone
Green Moonstone
Green Moonstone

Green Moonstone

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"The stone of femininity, fertility & nature..."

Green Moonstone is called the stone of the Goddess or Gaia, the stone of feminine earthly energy. It is connected with femininity, fertility & the cycles of the moon. The stone helps to align with the biorhythms of the body, the rhythms of nature & the cycle of the moon, connecting these in harmony with yourself. 

Green Moonstone has all the features of moonstone, with an extra focus on balancing emotions & fully opening it up to the feminine inside. It is a very calming stone that relieves stress & overwhelmed feelings & anxiety. It helps us simply, "go with the flow" & is especially powerful in connecting us to the earth & the moon together...


Properties & Meaning:

  • Connection to compassion, divine femininity & emotional balance
  • Healing, intuition, love & protection
  • Go to crystal for confidence, self-esteem & self-acceptance
  • Enhances clairvoyant abilities
  • Helps heal feminine related health concerns
  • Overcoming overwhelming feeling & extreme emotions
  • Inspires wiser choices, with ambitious & motivation to achieve success
  • Manifesting the truest, most powerful desires of your heart to transform your life

Planet: Moon

Zodiac: Pisces

Elements: Water

Chakra: Heart