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Valentine's Day Retreat
Valentine's Day Retreat

Valentine's Day Retreat

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Celebrating Love!


Join us this Valentines Day with your favourite person for an evening of delicious yoga, heart-opening journal practices, decadent treats & a truly magic sound healing session, hand in hand🫶✨️🥹

We'll be enjoying a fun practice of PARTNER YOGA!😍 No prior experience needed, just a fun-loving practice to support each other through & learn to take up space!🫶

Next, we'll move into a sacred heart-opening Cacao Ceremony ☕️💗 With journal practices for gratitude & self-love. Truly connecting to the one that you love in the most authentic & wholesome practices!✨️

The evening will end with a magical journey through the sounds of sacred instruments & vibrations, as you're guided through a meditation and sound journey, laying hand in hand with your loved one🌙✨️ Allow the music & energy to wash over you, calming the nervous system & simply BEING together in peace & stillness🤎🤎🤎

Included in the package is a serving of warm & toasty gourmet mini donuts from the magical @the_daydreaming_donut and a hot cup of goodness for each of you🍩🍵✨️💗

You will need a partner for this retreat🫶 Bring absolutely anyone in your life who is special to you! A partner, mom, sisters or best friends! Bookings are limited for our Valentines Retreat of LOVE!🥰

Secure your booking today!🤎

Price includes attendance for 2 people.